Jared Evan about Pharrell for USMAGAZINE


US: Have you gotten to work with anyone you really idolize now?

Yes, especially a month ago when I was out in LA and walked into a room with Pharrell! I had met him before but a month ago, when I was out in LA, we actually were able to like sit with each other in a room for like 10 hours a day for like 7 days.

US: That’s awesome. So did you guys make some music?

JE: Oh man, we made some of the best music ever made! Yeah it was crazy. It was so dope because I just feel so comfortable with Pharrell. We're very similar. We just want to be in the studio because of music like before money or fame or any of that. Music just makes us feel good. He's just so optimistic and positive with his day because he's in the studio making music and I'm the same way. So Pharrell is definitely an influence that I've had growing up. We did three songs and really got to know each other.

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